What I have achieved in my role over the last 25 years

by Kirstie

So in 1991, I had started with real customers pulling colours together. I can still remember my first client that placed an order and what it was for. It still today puts a smile on my face.

It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted to work on the entire room and not just window treatments. Although window treatments can make or break a room. This really is when my love for interior decoration started.

I was working within a team, then progressed into managing the team of 5 designers which was a role that I fulfilled for 22 years. Working for a large organisation we had the good fortune of working on amazing properties. From celebrities to royal households and many more amazing properties. The most fulfilling for me was to see any kind of house made into a home that my client would fall in love with.

The image is a room in 1991...

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