Welcome to Juby Interior Design - a little about me

by Kirstie

Wow, this is the first blog from me (Kirstie).  I would like to welcome you to my interior design website, Juby Design by Kirstie.

I hope you'll find my blogs interesting and are able to use snippets of advice to help you create a beautiful, stylish home.

I thought you would like to know a little about me. Life is for living and its busy with two teenagers in the house.  My goodness, they are strange creatures!  I'm not sure where they get it from?  I also have experienced what a hard life your home can have and how it needs to flex to ensure it works for everyone within the four walls as well as your guests.

We are a sporty family and we love athletics in particular.  I coach for a local athletics club with my speciality being long jump, something that I used to compete in.  Horses have also played a major part in our family's life and we love them dearly.  From enjoying a hack and taking in the beautiful countryside, to mucking out.  Thinking about animals, I can honestly say that I haven't ever lived in a house without a cat or two, or three.  As you see, we are a normal busy family and I haven't even touched on my partners' hobbies!

So, why did I get into Interior design?  Colour has always been important to me.  My mother informs me that, as a little girl I wouldn't leave the house until my hair ribbons, slides and socks would match my dress perfectly.  It started at a very young age.......